One of the keys to really building and growing your practice is to have a staff that’s on board, motivated, and inspired to achieve the same goals that you’re striving for. So it’s critical first that you are able to clearly articulate what the primary goals for the business are, minimally in the first year of the program. So the first thing is, decide what those goals are. Number two, communicate directly to your staff and let them know what the key metrics are that you’re going to be shooting for as you build and grow your practice. Then communicate again and again and again.

Training, regular meetings, a real focus on building a high quality A-team of people that are achieving the practice goals is the primary way you can make things happen, because let’s face it: You simply cannot do this yourself. You have to get good at working through and with other people. The first step is joining the Mastermind Group to begin working alongside other dedicated professionals.

Rem Jackson
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