Digital Marketing via VMD Services

In an age where people are connected to the world via their laptops, tablets, and phones, you need not only a reliable online presence, but one that rises above the competition.

Your practice should already be online by now—and it likely is in one form another (whether you know it or not)!

But building a website or having a Facebook page is only one small part of an overall digital strategy. You must also make sure your practice is found when people search for the needs you can fulfill, and that you are capturing the attention of potential patients who don’t yet know you exist.

VMD Services is Your Complete Digital Marketer

Building and maintaining an effective online strategy requires constant attention. New systems are added all the time, and the parameters for what affects search engine rankings changes regularly as Google and other companies evolve their platforms.

In other words, there’s a lot to be done and even more to keep up with. It can take a lot out of anyone who is not committed solely to these tasks. Heck, it can be too much for just one person who is!

As a podiatrist, don’t you think you and your staff’s focus is better spent on what’s in front of you: the office and patients?

VMD Services

That’s why we have Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) Services , the digital marketing pillar of Top Practices!

Exclusive to Top Practices members, VMD Services establishes your Internet presence and uses it to grow your practice. We have a full team with the skillset to “get it done” quickly and correctly.

VMD’s extensive experience with podiatry practices tailors their know-how specifically to the ways you need it, as well. Try finding that anywhere else!

What VMD Services Can Do for You

VMD Services runs the gamut of digital marketing, pulling together all those spread-out points into a comprehensive strategy that supports your internal, external, and referral marketing pillars.

Expert services provided include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Speaking to potential patients is not enough. Your online presence must also “speak” properly to search engine algorithms to shoot you toward the top of results pages.
  • Social Media – Managing and engaging on popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to build your practice’s representation on the social plane and keep your practice in their minds.
  • Email Marketing – Using your existing patient database (or building a new one) to reach out with targeted campaigns. From engaging patients with monthly newsletters to reminding orthotics patients to come in for a yearly refurbishment, applications of email marketing are many.
  • Reputation Management – Overseeing your online reviews and feedback, as well as using tools and strategies to encourage more positive reviews. Reviews are an important factor in determining your search rankings, and should not be ignored!
  • Web Design – Working with clients to create beautiful, easily accessible websites that are the foundation of your online presence. They are built not only to perform well in search, but to provide potential patients the content they seek and need.
  • Video Marketing – Scripting, story boarding, editing, and shooting videos to provide an increasingly vital means of communication to potential patients.
  • Logo Design – Developing a stand-out visual identity that can be diffused throughout your online presence. This includes a logo that patients can instantly identify and trust, as well as general graphics and framing for an overall engaging aesthetic. 
  • Online Ads – Targeting specific demographics with calls to action they will respond to, via outlets such as Google and Facebook. Online ads are one of the best ways to boost your return on investment—they’re like Yellow Pages ads on steroids!
  • Competitive Analysis – Researching and charting your main local competition to gain an edge in showing over them in the searches and online arenas that matter most. (Espionage is not part of this—don’t ask.)

Working with You, Working for You

VMD Services works directly with you to ensure all aspects of your online presence are expressing the right messages and representing you exactly how you want. They run with it to allow you the time to run your practice.

In the end, the elements of your digital marketing plan work with each other to form a strong marketing platform that evolves as the Internet does! There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan for marketing a medical practice online, so all plans are customized to meet your individual needs.

If you are not yet a Top Practices member and are interested in VMD Services, contact us by calling (717) 725-2679. If you are with Top Practices and wish to know more about VMD Services, you may contact them directly at (833) 823-3335.

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