We live in a world connected by phones, tablets, and laptops. The way your practice weaves itself into that connection can have a huge impact on your success.

It’s likely you already have an online presence of some sort, whether that takes the form of a website or a Facebook page. Is that enough, though?

An overall digital strategy is not just about showing up online. You must also make sure you are being found by the people you want to find you, and that you are adapting to an ever-changing landscape to remain on top of the list when people search for needs you can fulfill.

This is where VMD Services provides holistic expertise.

VMD Services is Your Complete Digital Marketer

Building and maintaining an effective online strategy requires constant attention. The behaviors of your audience, the methods of your competition, and the ways Google determines how you show up in searches is constantly changing.

Keeping up is a dedicated task, and you already have your actual business to take care of. Digital marketing can take a lot out of anyone who is not committed solely to the job. Heck, it can be overwhelming for just one person who is!

As a podiatry office, your primary focus should be on managing the patients who come through your door.

That’s why Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) Services, the digital marketing pillar of Top Practices, will focus on bringing them to you!

Exclusive to Top Practices members, VMD Services builds your Internet presence and employs it in the best ways to grow your practice. We have a full team with the skillset to “get it done” quickly and correctly.

VMD’s extensive experience working with podiatry practices throughout the country tailors their know-how specifically to the ways you need it, as well. Try finding that level anywhere else!

What VMD Services Can Do for You

VMD Services provides a full range of digital marketing services, pulling together all elements into a comprehensive strategy that supports your internal, external, and referral marketing pillars.

Expert services provided include:

Web Design – A website must be appealing, quick to load, and adaptable to a variety of viewing platforms. VMD works with clients to create beautiful, easily accessible websites that are the foundation of your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Speaking to potential patients is not enough. Your online presence must also “speak” properly to search engine algorithms to shoot you toward the top of results pages. Remaining current with SEO is essential not only to the content of your website, but other places you appear online, too.

Social Media Advertising – Managing and engaging on popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter builds your practice’s representation on the social plane and keeps your practice in their minds. Social media can also be harnessed on a paid advertising level to directly target specific audiences on each platform. 

Pay Per Click – Advertising over Google will best target specific demographics with calls to action they will respond to. Pay per click ads are one of the best ways to boost conversions, and VMD continuously monitors and adjusts campaigns to maximize return on investment.

Email Marketing – Use your existing patient database—or build a new one—to reach out directly with targeted campaigns. From engaging patients with monthly newsletters to reminding perennial patients to come in for yearly appointments, the applications of email marketing are many.

Reputation Management – Reviews are an important factor in determining your search rankings, and should not be ignored! VMD will oversee your online reviews and feedback, and aid you in using tools and strategies to encourage positive reviews from your patients. 

Branding – VMD’s graphic experts develop a stand-out visual identity that can be diffused throughout your online presence. This includes a logo that patients can instantly identify and trust, as well as general graphics and framing for an overall engaging aesthetic. 

Video Marketing – Interface with potential patients through video. VMD Services can script, edit, and showcase videos to provide a vital means of communication that works both independently and accompanied with text.

Working with You, Working for You

VMD Services works directly with you to ensure all aspects of your digital marketing plan are appealing to the right people and representing you exactly the way you want. They run it, and you run your practice.

In the end, the elements of your digital marketing plan work together to form a strong marketing platform that evolves as the Internet does! There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan for marketing a medical practice online, so all plans are customized to meet your individual needs.

If you are not yet a Top Practices member and are interested in VMD Services, contact us by calling (717) 626-2025. If you are with Top Practices and wish to know more about VMD Services, you may contact them directly at (833) 823-3335.

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