It happens all too often: pulling together your monthly newsletter rolls around again and you, your team, and your marketer are scrambling to write all the articles. This can feel overwhelming and difficult as you try to figure out what to write about and how to fill up your newsletter so it’s interesting and engaging for patients to read. The good news is that there are tricks you can use to make writing your marketing newsletter content every month much easier for you!

Remember, for a marketing newsletter to be an effective tool, people need to actually read it and enjoy it. The key is to fill your monthly issue with interesting articles people actually want to read. You do, of course, want to include information about your practice and the health issues you can treat. However, filling your newsletter with articles on the same medical topics repeatedly isn’t interesting. You will quickly lose patients’ interest.

So how do you keep people engaged and reading? Remember, your patients are busy people with hobbies, families, and jobs. The best way to write is to address topics that already interest them. People love to read about others’ stories, too, particularly ones that make medical personnel feel more “human” and less distant.

With that in mind, here are a few simple strategies to make writing and pulling together your newsletter easier:

  • Plan a monthly theme – Plan out a “theme” or particular medical issue to focus on each month, so you can brainstorm topics in advance.
  • Have your staff take charge of mini articles – Delegate out the writing to your staff members. Have them write short articles on specific topics that you choose.
  • Collect stories throughout the month – Collect testimonials, interesting stories from your community, information about events, and so on throughout the month so you can turn them into fun stories.
  • Make your content timely – Plan articles that correspond to the time of year, like cold-weather safety in winter, or sun protection in the summer.
  • Include hobbies and other interesting articles – Write about interesting hobbies or healthy-living issues to add variety. Recipes and healthy-life topics tend to be popular!
  • Write about yourselves – Include information about your staff, or funny or uplifting things that happen around your office to make it more personal.

In the end, pulling together an effective newsletter is still a lot of work, although there are definitely ways to make it easier. One way a number of Top Practices members are making it easier is by letting our team do it for you. Our Medical Practice Newsletter Program creates a high-quality, engaging newsletter that is tailored specifically for your practice so you can send it out every month to your patients.

Whether you do it yourself or you work with our expert team, a newsletter is a valuable tool and shouldn’t be taken for granted. You need to do it right. For more tips about creating an effective newsletter, or more information about our programs, contact us! Our members discuss this topic and more in our regular Mastermind meetings. Just e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (717) 725-2679.

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