How many times have you said, “I wish I would have thought of that.” or “I didn’t think that through very well did I?”

There is probably a reason why. Do you set aside a regular time to think? Do you know when you do your best thinking?  Many people do and have found it makes them more productive and more successful at obtaining their goals.

You may be thinking, “I would love to have a “think time, but with my schedule and the commitments I have, it is just not possible to just sit and think.”  I was of the same mindset until I made a few mistakes that could have been avoided if I would have just taken the time to have thought through the process.

I have found two of my best thinking times are in the shower and when I am driving alone.  I actually look forward to these times and enjoy being able to talk out loud to myself as I think things through. I keep a tablet in my bathroom drawer and also in my car to jot any super-thoughts that I have during my "think times."

I have also found it very beneficial when setting up my personal goals to just sit and think on them.  Many times, great ideas come to my mind on where to begin or what not to do.  Thinking has become something that I really look forward to doing.

As an office manager, I have incorporated thinking into the practice with all staff members.  They know that we appreciate their great minds and tell them to think about how we can become more efficient and also thinking of ways to market our services to our patients and community. 

Since thinking has become one of my favorite habits one of my favorite questions when having discussions with others is, “What do you think?”

Things won’t get better, unless you think better.” ~ Unknown

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