Training is the KeyImagine that your company picks up the tab for you to eat lunch at a particular restaurant every day (that does take some imagination!) Now, this restaurant is a nice place with table service. So far, so good.

Some days, the host warmly greets you by name and seats you immediately at your favorite table in the sunny corner.  Other days, you stand at the entrance for ten minutes, get a grunt from the host and get seated after waiting another ten minutes. Then you find yourself right smack dab in front of the swinging doors to the kitchen. Even worse, on other days, no one greets you, and you must go find an empty table, and end up at one you must wait to be cleaned. Then you learn the kitchen is out of most items you like. No wonder no one was eager to seat you.

What’s good about this restaurant? Remember it’s FREE!!

But if it weren’t, wouldn’t you be a lot more likely to spend your own money there if you were treated well all the time, instead of your lunch hour being some sort of culinary roulette?

Consistent good service is not an accident. It comes from standardizing your approach to it. That means leaving nothing to chance or to the mood or whims of you or team workers.

Training is the key to ensuring your patients receive great service when they call or arrive in your office. Standards need to be spelled out clearly, everyone needs to be trained and receive continued training in all areas of patient service for the standards to remain high.

If you are a Virtual Practice Management Institute member, there are several modules in the library complete with training tools for you to use. If you would like information on what the Virtual Practice Management Institute has to offer, click the link below or contact me at [email protected] for a virtual tour of our library.

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