Every week there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself in order to make sure you have the best week possible. By asking yourself these key questions you are automatically living with intention. Letting your Sunday go without preparing for the week is like not checking to see if you have clean underwear for the next seven days. That is, you never know when something unexpected may happen and you were not prepared. Your momma always said, "Make sure you have clean underwear on in case of an emergency."

That means preparation is vital to your success. If you want a smooth week ahead, then answer the following questions every Sunday.

1. What is the ONE THING you must get done for your business this week that makes everything else easier or unnecessary?

2. What are your goals for your business this week?

3. Do you have a revenue goal for the week and if so, what is it?

4. What are your health goals for this week?

5. What are your goals for your personal relationships this week?

Break down your office goals into visits, NP, Charges, and Production.

Do you have your monthly goals? If your goal is to make one million dollars this year, then divide that by 12. This is your relative monthly goal. Now, look at the same month but from the previous year. Use 2019 since 2020 is not a good indicator, unless 2020 was higher, and see if this monthly goal number is higher or lower than that month. It should be higher, and if it is, by what percent? Let’s say it is 10% higher. Then make all four key numbers higher by 10%.

The same goes for individual DME or ancillary services. For example, your goal for orthotics, laser treatments, cam boots, night splints, shoes, etc. needs to be 10% higher too. Track these numbers.

There is one more thing. Every night figure out the top three things you need to do on the next day to get you closer to your goals. These three things are usually not major things. They can be things like call suppliers to compare costs, spend a few minutes with a key staff member to see how you can support them, or just getting up a few minutes earlier and read something inspirational.

Now go ahead and make your day!


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