It is the new year, new decade, and you probably made some goals. These goals are truly important to you like losing those extra 10-15 pounds, eating healthy and going to the gym, or maybe getting more sleep and drinking water. I’m sure you made office goals like increasing your overall revenue by 10-20%. 

While you are planning your goals, sometimes, no, guaranteed, there will be bumps in the road. Why can I guarantee it? Because simply life just happens. People get sick, you lose a key staff member, someone gets pregnant, insurance companies are not paying you on time, and million other things that can happen. The reason this happens is to make sure you truly want whatever goal you are trying to achieve. If it was easy to achieve your goals, everyone would be writing them down and working on them. It takes consistent hard work on a daily basis to achieve your goals.

Here is a formula for reaching your goals:

  • Follow a daily routine. Get up at a regular time every day. Drink two glasses of water, have your coffee, read, meditate, review your day. Whatever works for you. The one thing you should do every morning and/or night is to review your goals and picture your life once you achieve them. What does your life look like?  Will you travel more, get a bigger house, have more money to retire, whatever it is, picture it. Even better, cut pictures out of a magazine and put on a vision board and look at it every day.
  • Exercise. Move your body which will help increase your energy. 
  • Eat healthy, but don’t suffer. Have the occasional cheat meal. Enjoy your life.
  • List the top three things you must do today to get you closer to your goals
  • Then plan it and write down when you are going to do these three things. And don’t let anything stop you, except for a true emergency.
  • Review your day at the end of day. What went right? What could you have done better. What are you grateful for? 

Basically, your routine sets you up for the proper energy you need to achieve everything you want to achieve. The universe responds to energy. Sleep, healthy eating, exercise, and a positive mindset all provide the energy you need to make your dreams a reality.


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