In today’s internet and internal marketing, content is king, and written content remains a crucial aspect of all communications with your clients. Pictures are attention-catching, and videos are highly engaging, but sometimes an interesting blog, accurate FAQ, or even fun newsletter is the best way to communicate with current and potential clients. That, of course, brings us to a pressing problem for many professionals, but especially those in medicine: what do you have to write about?

Most doctors and other medical professionals didn’t go into their fields to write about them. Many don’t feel like they know what to say at all and end up claiming, “I have nothing to write about!” It’s not as hard to come up with topics as you might think.

The key is that you want to create written content that actually speaks to the interests, questions, and needs your patients and ideal potential patients already have on their minds.

That means one of your greatest resources for coming up with ideas for written content is your patients themselves. What are the questions they are asking? What are common concerns they have again and again? Chances are that people searching the web for answers or reading your newsletter have similar problems.

You also want to tell a story and keep in mind that your patients have many different interests. This is especially important for your newsletter articles. A newsletter that covers the same couple of medical conditions in every article in every monthly issue gets boring fast. Stories about your office, your employees, events in your community, hobbies your patients may be interested in—all of these things provide you with fresh, engaging topics for you to write about.

It can still feel overwhelming to try to sit down and write all of this content clearly and interestingly. The Top Practices Podiatry Practice Newsletter Marketing program can help you with your written content needs. The newsletter program tailors interesting content with your input for your unique practice, then puts it all together for you. You may feel like you have nothing to write about, but it’s not true, and it’s no reason to not have great content. If you have any questions, or would like more information about the podiatry newsletter program, let us know! You can call (717) 725-2679, or e-mail [email protected]
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