With the ever-changing demand in the field of podiatry it is necessary that the podiatric medical assistant continue their education. Assistants play an important role in the advancement of the profession of podiatry and in improving patient care.  When doctors take the time to train and providing continuing education for their staff, they not only creating value for the practice, they are creating value for their assistants in terms of their career as a podiatric medical assistant. 

When people are valued it causes them to become more engaged with what they do.  Taking the time to learn new skills increases ones motivation to learn more.  Here are a few dos and don’ts on how to continue to have staff that is motivated.

  • Don’t let staff get bored with their job.
  • Don’t assume employees should be naturally motivated.
  • Don’t restrict a staff member to mundane tasks without responsibility.
  • Do create an environment of trust, where employees are not afraid to ask questions.
  • Do identify each staff member’s individual motivators, not everyone is interested or motivated by learning the same thing.
  • Do acknowledge good work often.
  • Do offer opportunities for learning and advancement.
  • Do build staff member’s self-esteem by using praise, not criticism.
  • Do look for ways to have fun in the office.

Notice that there are more do’s than don’ts. Employees that are motivated are more loyal and dedicated to their employers. It is a fact that businesses that have motivated employees have less turnover and overall higher profits. The more motivated your staff is the higher your office productivity will be. Motivating your staff then is essential to having a successful practice.

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