Stay the CourseIt is the beginning of the year and a lot of us make goals. But during the year, things happen and our goals drift away. Some of you already know this, so, you don’t even bother making goals.  Why would you set goals if they will never come to fruition? 

So, why does this happen?  Sometimes we just aren’t aware. We plan and then things go astray.  We are just handling our day-to-day. We are solving problems on a daily basis and we get too tired to review our goals. This means we are distracted by either inside problems (the office) or external ones, issues outside of the practice. 

Then there are times we feel we can become a superwoman or man and we take on more than we should. This leads to the feeling of being overwhelmed. So, we handle this by dealing with what is in front of us and forgetting about our dreams. Another reason we drift is that we don’t truly believe we can reach our goals. Because of this, we go back to handling the day to day tasks and just abandon our goals. 

Drifting will eventually lead to a life without a purpose and a feeling of a lack of accomplishment. The answer to this is self-discipline and reviewing your goals every morning and every night. Then you need to plan your week every Sunday and review your schedule daily, preferably before you go to bed. List your top three priorities for the next day and accomplish them before you handle anything else. These priorities do not have to be complicated. It can be simple as, call my new patients to see if they have any questions, or just compliment the staff for doing a great job. These three priorities are tasks that will get you closer to your goals. 

During the day, make of a list of things that might have taken you off course, and then come up with solutions in order to prevent this from happening the next time. Usually, the answer is some form of delegation. Anything that does not get you closer to your goals should never be done by you. Review your day and ask yourself what have you accomplished today and what could you have done better. Lastly, at the end of the night write down what you were grateful for that day.

Don’t drift or cruise through life. Live intentionally in order to reach your goals. 

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