At Top Practices, we love newsletter marketing. When it’s done well, it is an incredibly effective tool for your internal marketing. It allows you to stay connected to your list or database so you are communicating regularly with patients and nurturing those relationships. The key, of course, is that it’s done well. You can’t put out a half-hearted newsletter a couple times a year and expect it to be effective.

This is where most doctors struggle. It’s a lot of work to produce a newsletter, and it can be discouraging when they don’t seem to show results. Don’t give up on this marketing just yet, though. The most effective kinds of newsletters all have a few things in common. You can turn a failing one into a fantastic one if you just know what to do:

1. Make it interesting. And I don’t mean to just you, doc. I mean, make it interesting to the families who will read it. This means avoid medical jargon—keep it easy to read. This also means that, after one or two foot articles, you include other interesting information: healthy recipes, community events, stuff around the office, tips for fun and family-friendly activities, etc.

2. Make it beautiful. Few things turn people off to what you have to say more than an ugly newsletter. No one wants to read it if colors clash, it’s poorly organized, or just looks cheap. To be effective, if must be well-formatted and fully-branded.

3. Send it often. A quarterly newsletter is simply not enough. People will forget about you. It should be sent out every single month.

4. Send it physically. Electronic newsletters are great, but you can’t just e-mail yours. It won’t get read nearly as much as a physical copy will. Physical copies hang around a home and get passed between family members, while electronic copies get buried in inboxes.

It does take work, but you can transform your newsletter from mediocre to highly effective. This really is one of your best internal marketing tools available.

If you look at everything that has to be done for your newsletter marketing and feel overwhelmed, don’t give it up as “too hard.” It might be difficult to make the changes you need, or even launch this internal marketing in the first place, but that’s where Top Practices can help. If you’re a podiatrist, the Top Practices Podiatry Newsletter Program can do all of this for you. Our newsletter program is customized for your brand, with your input, and then created for you to send to your database. If you’d like to learn more about this program, just ask! E-mail us at [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679. We’d be happy to help you see if this program is right for your podiatry practice.
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Jenn 05/27/2015 10:38 AM
I especially agree with not having articles only about feet and medical conditions. Offer some tips for how to improve heel pain, or recommend a brand or type of shoe. If you keep the medical jargon to a minimum, people are more likely to read through the entire thing.
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