Nike said “Just DO It.”  But what happens when you just don’t feel like doing it. How many times do you say to yourself, “I am too tired to ….” to write the blog, shoot that video, call my patients, or check my numbers? You might even justify it by saying all you need is a little nap and then I will be ready to go.  And then what happens. Maybe you get hungry and say I just need a little energy. But the funny thing is when you are truly raring to go, your child wakes up from a nap, or a friend calls you up and wants to go out, or whatever it is, something comes up.

I know this happens to all of us. The key to staying productive EVEN when you simply don’t feel like it, is to meditate. Now I don’t mean close your eyes and not think of anything for 30 minutes. What I am saying is sit for a few minutes and revisit your life goals. Why are you writing that blog or shooting that video? Go back to your vision of maybe the dream home you want, or the money you need to put away for your child’s college education. 

Reviewing your purpose and your goals will give you enough motivation to do the things you have to even when you don’t want to. So, sit still and picture the life you are going to have and that warm feeling and big smile you now have will get you to do what you have to do.  

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