Whether you are the physician/owner or an office manager, the most important asset to the medical practice are your employees. They are the ones who come in contact with your patients, vendors and other medical providers on a daily basis. If your employees are not happy, then there is a good possibility that the people they come in contact with will know it.

How can you ensure that your employees get what they need to be happy and productive?

Authors Ken Blanchard and Don Hutson wrote a book called “The One Minute Entrepreneur” which tells an inspiring story of how to discover your entrepreneurial strengths and the necessity of creating a great workplace.

The authors state “If you want your people to soar like eagles and take care of your customers (patients), Then you have to create an environment where they can win, where they know that you are on their side so they will be empowered to act like they own the place.”

That sounds wonderful, but how do you actually do that and get your employees to buy in to make it all work?

Below are a couple of the One Minute insights the authors present to make this necessary factor a reality. Management personnel need to incorporate these factors into the company's culture to make it happen.

  • Working people today want a partnership relationship, not a top-down hierarchy.
  • Everyone should be encouraged to be a leader.
  • An effective performance management system helps people win rather than rating and berating them.
  • The best management includes day-to-day coaching that catches people doing things right and redirects their efforts when they are off base.

Incorporating this type of philosophy into your business culture does not happen overnight, especially if there are none of these practices there to begin with. Letting employees know that you want to change the culture and have a definite, written plan of what you want that culture to look like will help everyone to get on the same page in working to make it become a reality.

It is never too late to have a new beginning. Isn’t your workplace worth the investment?

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