Often physician business owners and their managers expect their team of staff members will work well together and achieve a high level of performance just because that is what they were hired to do. This type of thinking will only lead to frustration, failure, and firing of potentially great employees.

Work environment plays a big part in how team members will work together. Ground rules need to be in place, taught, and adhered to every day in order for the work environment to be established. The rules should be set up by the business owner(s) and go hand-and-hand with their business philosophy and should encourage positive performance from everyone on the team.

Below are a few examples of positive performance ground rules:

Everyone in the practice will work together to create an environment where all members participate and everyone’s input is valued equally.

Members of the team will be encouraged to go above and beyond what is expected of them for the patients and their teammates.

All team members will take pride in themselves, their work, the practice, and their patients.

Each team member will help to create an enjoyable work environment.

As a team, we will work together to develop our collective skills and knowledge to provide a great work environment and excellent patient care. When ground rules are in place and demonstrated daily by everyone you cannot help but have a more positive environment to work in and to serve the patients you see every day.

For more information on building a great work team and a successful practice environment, go to the Virtual Practice Management Institute Library in the Team Building Module. 

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