Excerpted from Truths from the Trenches: The Complete Guide to Creating a High-Performing, Inspired Medical Team by Tina Del Buono


What does it take to be a great manager?  Many times, managers think they need to act a certain way or that they cannot develop close relationships with their staff because they then will not be able to “manage” them. 

How can you be a great manager if you are “acting” or if the people who work under you don’t really know who you are? 

There is a balance of boundaries and being your best when it comes to being a manager that people like to work for and with.  Finding a mentor can be a great asset to help in management development. 

There are some qualities that are essential to develop if you want to really be a good manager and a happy manager.  Below are 10 of the most sought-after qualities that make up a great management person. 

Taking each one at face value, they are very reasonable to attain.  What is interesting is the fact that good managers are almost as hard to find as good employees these days.

These qualities are not ranked in any certain order:

1. They care about the success of their team. It is not about them; their success is based on their team's success.

2. They are always looking for those they can train up to become their successor when they leave.

3. They possess great decision-making skills.  They think things through and search for the best direction, keeping all persons in mind.

4. They have a passion for creating a positive work environment for the team.

5. They realize that they are as human as their teammates and therefore have weaknesses, faults and make mistakes.

6. They have a vision of what their team can accomplish and seek to complete it.

7. They are the gatekeeper and protector of their team.

8. They are flexible.  They realize that sometimes plan 2 or 3 may need to become plan 1. Unexpected things happen and they immediately move their team through it instead of wading in it.

9. They possess good communication skills.  To be understood and to have understanding are key points to creating the connection with them and their team members.

10. They display ethics, integrity, and live by the Golden Rule.  They walk the talk and inspire their team members to be great!

“Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will.” ~ Jim Goodnight

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