The year 2020 brought about more changes than any of us could have imagined. Not only in our personal lives, but in the practice as well. We have had to make adjustments with how we work together and serve our patients.

With the many changes our offices have encountered it has been easy to get derailed from one real important area that is necessary to keep our practices alive and doing well. That is the area of training and improving the skills of the medical staff that work there. For reasons that are understandable continuing education for staff has been put on a back burner.

It is necessary that the podiatric medical assistant continue their education in order for our practices to evolve and grow. Assistants play an important role in the advancement of the profession of podiatry and in improving patient care. When physicians take the time to train their assistants providing ongoing education, they are not only creating value for the office, but they are creating value for their medical staff. It is a known fact that when staff learn new skills it increases their motivation to learn more.

Below are just a few of the benefits of continued education for all staff members.

  • When you invest in staff members it creates environment of trust, where employees are not afraid to ask questions.
  • Physicians will learn staff member’s individual motivators which will allow them to understand each staff member better.
  • Teaching staff allows for the physician to have the opportunity to give praise, which is a motivator in itself.
  • Continued training offers opportunities for learning and advancement.
  • With a good, continued training program staff do not get bored with their job.
  • When staff train together, they develop connections with each other which can create better team relationships.

Staff that learn together become more self-motivated, loyal and dedicated to their employers. It is a fact that businesses that have self-motivated employees have less turnover and overall higher profits. The more motivated your staff is the higher your office productivity will be. Investing in your staff’s education is essential to having a successful practice.

We at Top Practices know first-hand how important continuing education is for the entire staff in order to keep your practice running efficiently and more profitably. If you want to know more about the continuing educational programs that Top Practices offers through its many coaching programs along with The Virtual Practice Management Institute.

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