Training StaffWhen training staff to do their job tasks and understand the “Why” they need to do them and “How” what they do affects the big picture, we often forget to teach and train our people to look for ways to improve what they do or the protocols and systems that we already have in place.

We are so excited when we finally finish our training protocols that we do not think about re-doing them for efficiency’s sake as time goes on.

Below are a few training tips for everyone in the office to do on a continual basis.

  • Make sure team members understand task management and what they are responsible for.
  • Ask them to periodically analyze various job tasks they do for ways to improve them.
  • Evaluate time flow of job tasks and figure out if there is a way to save time.
  • Evaluate how to prioritize job tasks for better efficiency throughout the day.
  • Work as a team collectively to develop solutions for any problem areas in the practice and them implement the necessary changes together.

Creating workable task systems takes time to analyze and think through the various processes we go through to complete each task. Even simple tasks have multiple steps to complete them. By understanding all the steps, it takes we then can determine if is a more efficient way to achieve the right results we need.

Remember as you are training new staff members giving them this list as new eyes can see a lot of ways for possible improvement that we may not.

If you have any questions about creating workable systems and training staff just email me at [email protected].


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