The new iPhone 12 is out and people are complaining it doesn’t come with a charge. It comes with a cable but not with that little box that you need to plug it into.  Apple made a proprietary plug that you have to purchase separately.

If you did not know that, you now have an expensive phone that doesn’t work and can’t be charged until you remember that you need to recharge it. 

We, as people, and especially business owners, are just like the iPhone 12. We don’t come with a charger.  We go, go, and go, until we get sick, have anxiety, or just simply burned out. Like the iPhone 12, we need to remind ourselves to go out and get a charger, and once you get one, you need to remember to recharge it BEFORE it dies out. 

Listen to your body and your mind.  If you are feeling down or overwhelmed, remember to take a break. Take a day off. Do something fun. Hang out with the family, and turn off your phone. Sometimes we need a simple 15 min recharge where you can go into your private office, close the door and your eyes and just think about nothing. 

However, there are times we need to remember to schedule the big vacations, like taking a week or two off. At the beginning of every year, schedule a couple of these long vacations in advance. You will now have something to look forward to. 

Always take time to slow down. It is the only way you can speed up. 

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