"The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today." ~ Elbert Hubbard

What does this mean to you? I think it means something like the "Slight Edge" theory, from Jeff Olson’s book, where you begin making small changes one day at a time and each day that you accomplish good work it is a step to move forward in the direction you desire. What you are doing is picking up momentum each day.

If you do good work today for tomorrow and do the same tomorrow you will begin to create the habits and change you want to see in your work and home life.

How can we make sure we do a job well? One way is to ask your manager, employer, or coworker. Another way you can find out if you are doing a good job at work, it will be evident by the result of your efforts. Is everything getting done? Is your manager or employer happy with the results you produce each day?

By building on your effort to do good work each day, not only will those around you see the difference you are making in your job, but you will be flying high with the realization that you are contributing to the success of the medical practice as a whole and the service it can provide to the patients in your community.

We all have probably work with people who do as little as they can to make it through the day and collect their paycheck. When you talk to them, they are pretty empty and there is no real connection to the practice, the people they work with, or the patients they serve. They really do not consider what they contribute or do not contribute to make the practice the best it can be. They check-in and wait

 their 8 hours putting in as little effort as possible, and check out.

How we show up each day and the effort we put into our work is a choice that you make. What choice are you making today? Are you just checking in or are you making a difference?

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