Last time, we discussed the first two tips for reducing common management frustrations. Today, we finish up our tips for management headache reduction with our third and final piece of advice:

3.  Doctors are reluctant to delegate mundane practice tasks to others

Ask yourself, is there someone in the office that can do the mundane tasks? Which tasks can be delegated?  Write these tasks down and assign a staff member to each one.  Then write out the full description of how to do each task and put it in the appropriate staff member’s job description manual.

This will now leave you time to do the important things.  That is, to work on the marketing and figure out how to increase the growth of the practice. Otherwise you will work like a dog for 30 years and retire when you're too old to enjoy it. 

If you think about these three concepts and correct the most common areas of the practice that are wasting enormous amounts of your time, you will find your income will improve and being in practice will become more enjoyable.

“We at Top Practices are dedicated to giving you more free time while building your dream practice.” 

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