Hey, everyone, Rem Jackson again from Las Vegas here at Top Practices. 

Alright, I want to talk today about social media. Now I know, social media is just weird, actually. I mean it has been a force for so much good and so much ill, and we really haven't got it figured out yet. But I will tell you what we have figured out is how to make it work for you and your marketing. We know what works online across all the different platforms. And here's the thing, even if you're not personally engaged, on let's say for instance Instagram because that's not something that you're that interested in, well thousands and millions of people are and we have to reach them too. 

All of these platforms feed into your total search engine optimization picture. It's complicated. These days marketing online has both an IT function and also a content function, and you've got to know both - most people don't. At Top Practices our Virtual Marketing Directors are training in this every day. We stay focus, we know what we're doing.

So, give us a call, call the number, send us an e-mail, stop by the website. 

We remain dedicated to your success at Top Practices. Love to talk to you about how you can take the whole picture and market your practice better. Have a great day.

Rem Jackson
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