The three most important words in marketing are nurture, nurture, nurture. That's right. You have to communicate with that list of people who know you, like you, and trust you. That's your database, all the clients that you've worked with in the past, anybody that's ever requested any information from you.

Anyone on your list at all, you have to stay in touch with them. Otherwise, these relationships evaporate, it's just how the world works. The number one way to still, to this day the number one way to do that is with a good, every single month, newsletter, right for your clients. But it has to be interesting.

It just can't be la-la-la, more of this, of course, we're going to lead with that. But it have to be other interesting articles, engaging things that anyone would want to read. And actually, if we're really good at this, look forward to getting from you. And that's what we've been doing since 2005. Top Practices is one of the most experienced companies in law actually producing monthly newsletters. We've been doing it again since 2005. We are the best at it. So, call the number on the screen, send us an email. Let us help you just take care of this because the issue with newsletters is, it's month after month after month, and it can't be quarterly.

It can't be semi-annual or annually. Just not enough to nurture. It's gotta be monthly. And that's a lot of work. And guess what we do? We take care of all of it. Our writers, our artists are the best. We'll customize it a hundred percent for you. We've got a system. We make it easy. Talk to us. We've been doing this almost longer than anybody, and I'll tell you what we are the best at it.