Hey everybody it's Rem. And Dr. Peter Wishnie, Tina Del Buono, and I just led a face-to-face mastermind meeting here in Las Vegas. Very small number of people, only about 15, but they came from offices all over the country. We were very careful in how we did our social distancing. Wearing masks doing all the things that we were supposed to do.

But if you've ever thought about attending an in-person mastermind meeting with a group of your peers, led by experts, such as this one was, you've got to take a listen to what these doctors have to say about what happened. This has been transformational for many people every time we've done it. And the next time we do it, You should definitely take a look at this and see if it'll work for you. 

"This one has been such a great experience to be amongst like-minded podiatrists. We're all practicing in podiatry, but more than that, we are sharing the same challenges and obstacles in managing our staff, managing our patients, and ultimately growing our practice. So it's just, I would say it's surpassed expectations."
Dannielle VonDerLinden, DPM
"So, I attended the mastermind meeting here in Las Vegas, downtown Las Vegas, with Top Practices and Rem Jackson and  Peter Wishnie and Tina Del Buono. And it was outstanding as usual. And there's just so many great ideas that are shared, and it's just such a good vibe with all of the people that are here as well.  It leaves one positive. But it's also so important is to maintain a good mindset. And there's been a lot of trying times, but this was all positive here. I've got great ideas and great energy that I can take back. And also an action plan to implement that I would not have had if I hadn't come. So I say thumbs up. Awesome."
Gregg Neibauer, DPM
"The meeting was great. We had an opportunity to mastermind together and  just bring up a lot of different ideas that you don't always think about on your own."
Matt Wettstein, DPM
"Hi, I'm Marjorie Khawam and I came to the mastermind in Las Vegas with Peter, Rem, and Tina and a bunch of like-minded podiatrists like myself. And it was great to have personalized coaching. It's actually this going to help hold us accountable. There were a lot of ideas and actually as usual, Rem is just fantastic and kind of honing us down to what we need to do and what our goals are very motivational. And I would highly recommend it for anyone. And the best thing too, is that I've made some lifelong friends. Thank you so much."
Marjorie Khawam, DPM
"So I just attended the mastermind session with a small group. And it was probably one of the best meetings I've ever been at. I don't think I could've gotten this type of feedback in any other way. To be able to sit in a room and really be honest and open about a lot of things that are not things that we get to talk about in a normal meeting.  So it was fantastic."
Nathan Ivey, DPM
"This mastermind was fantastic. I felt so good to be around like-minded podiatrist. It was basically just knowing that there are people that they want to excel in their practice. And I love being around those people. Very aspiring."
Pardis Kelly, DPM
"My wife who's the doctor has gotten some tremendous ideas from this meeting. Me being a non-doctor, it's important that she put her head together with other successful doctors in ways that I simply cannot. And it's been wonderful for her getting ideas of how to improve our practice for our long-term health of our family and the practice itself. So, I'm grateful to the three of them for putting this on.  And I'm really happy we came."
Chris Kelly
"If you are in a stage in your practice that you feel you're stuck, this is definitely for you because everybody's really open in sharing their experiences, their challenges, their success, and you can learn so much about your own practice as well as others."
Pardis Kelly, DPM
"I just attended the mastermind meeting here in Las Vegas, it was excellent. Rem is always a great motivator. And all the people that you get to talk to and meet some of these great physicians and even some other spouses who are in the practice, they just give you that renewed energy to become better. And it just really helps keep you going and it's going to take me even further."
Timothy Dailey, DPM
"So I just attended the Top Practices mastermind meeting, with Tina, Rem, and Peter. And I have to say it was just an incredible experience. It was wonderful to be together with other great practitioners that were willing to openly share ideas and, and, and different ways that we can all be more successful in practice. The collaboration was great. Comaderies were great. And I'm so glad I attended."
Thomas Pignetti, DPM
"It's very different than any other meeting that you'll go to because these are like-minded individuals that want to see you succeed. So they'll share everything that they've done to help them succeed as well as some of the things that they've done, that didn't quite work out that can help you. So you don't make those same mistakes."
Timothy Dailey, DPM
"I think the best benefit of this is just getting energized, to go after the goals, really redefining your goals well, and then just feeding off of that energy from everybody else."
Matt Wettstein, DPM
"So many more opportunities of what I can be doing to help grow my practice."
Dannielle VonDerLinden, DPM