The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis will soon be upon us. No one knows for sure when and how that will unfold, but it is coming. We believe that podiatry will be facing a pent up and heavy demand in the earliest phases of this recovery.  

Join Top Practices Founder and CEO, Rem Jackson, Dr. Peter Wishnie, and Tina Del Buono for part 2 of a 3-part series as they share strategies and tools designed to:

  • Continue to survive the current crisis
  • Enable you to get caught up on everything you have always wanted to get caught up
  • Be sharper now and in the future than you’ve ever been
  • Put systems in place now that will serve you in the future
  • Look at how you can run your practice as a more productive and profitable practice
  • Develop leadership skills in these challenging times
  • Market your practice better than you ever have in the past