The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis will soon be upon us. No one knows for sure when and how that will unfold, but it is coming. We believe that podiatry will be facing a pent up and heavy demand in the earliest phases of this recovery.  

Join Top Practices Founder and CEO, Rem Jackson, Dr. Peter Wishnie, and Tina Del Buono for the first of a series of webinars as they share strategies and tools designed to:

  • Continue to survive the current crisis
  • Enable you to get caught up on everything you have always wanted to get caught up
  • Be sharper now and in the future than you’ve ever been
  • Put systems in place now that will serve you in the future
  • Look at how you can run your practice as a more productive and profitable practice
  • Develop leadership skills in these challenging times
  • Market your practice better than you ever have in the past