Limited Seat Mastermind Meeting

When: Saturday and Sunday, February 18-19, 2023
This will be the only public Mastermind Group Rem will personally lead in 2023
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada at the Red Rock Resort and Casino
(Dinner on Saturday Night at Rem and Diane Jackson’s home)
Registration: $2995 $2495 ends December 31st
(See special pricing for Top Practices members below)


Register for this quickly if you are interested, there are only 20 seats.  

Attending a meeting like this years ago changed the trajectory of Top Practices for me. Our Top Performer Group program is built with three of these per year and this kind of interaction has taken many, many practices to the next level and way beyond. It will really help you think differently and better and you will walk away with an actual plan to attack your SPECIFIC KEY opportunities and challenges. Bottom line: you’ll be happier and make more money. 

Red Rock Registration

Red Rock Casino

If you’re worried about your problems being too specific to your situation or just not interesting to other doctors, forget about that. Probably the number one thing that happens at these kinds of meetings is that you realize you’re not nearly as messed up as you thought you were. You realize almost everyone is dealing with VERY SIMILAR stuff. It will build your business confidence, and it will provide you with a plan (a runway) so you can launch your practice to where you want it to be so that it can serve you and fund your ideal lifestyle. 



Fun Fact: Both Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina Del Buono will be joining us for the entire mastermind.

Red Rock Canyon


Friday, February 17th: An optional hike in Red Rock Canyon followed by pizza out in Blue Diamond - if you know, you know ;-)

Saturday, February 18th: Breakfast at 8:30AM (provided)

9:00AM-12:00PM: Marketing Your Practice

This isn’t a review of the four pillars, this is a deep dive into YOUR marketing. There is a mandatory reading is Donald Miller's “Building a StoryBrand”. We are going to go online and improve your websites, your social media, your emails, your videos, your messaging, and more… so when you leave you will all have a specific action item list to make your marketing better and see more and better patients.

12:00PM-1:00PM: Lunch (Provided)

1:00PM-4:00PM: Management and Leadership

Typically, at our masterminds or roundtables, the topic of employees (driving us nuts) and associates or partners doing the same thing, dominates many discussions. There is a reason for that - it’s the most vexing issue we face. And it seems to be chronic. And it seems like there is nothing you can do about it. But, there is. You can change your practice culture and lead everyone to adopt change. Not easy, but you can do it. There are specific communication tools and strategies/tactics you can adopt to significantly improve your team and shift the culture. (We don’t change your people, we shift the environment and culture to move them where we need them to go.) Everyone on your current staff might not come with you and that’s fine, but most will. Want to learn and practice this in a safe and supportive environment? You’ll leave with a specific action item list to make your management better and get better results along with the peace of mind that follows.

4:00PM: Yep, we will save time to vent about some of our big problems too. And mastermind together. I’ll be soliciting topics and combining some. 1 hour and we will solve all of the world's problems.

Friday Evening: Dinner at Diane and my home. We love having you over and are already cooking. J

Sunday, February 19th: Breakfast at 8:30AM (provided)

9:00AM-12:00PM: How They Did It

The goal I have for all of your practices is that it makes you happy. That you love coming to your office - love Sunday night because tomorrow is Monday and you get to enjoy serving your patients, leading an A-Team staff, and banking everything you need to fund your ideal lifestyle.

At the 2022 Top Practices Summit, three of our doctors shared “How they did it.” By that, we meant how they collect over $1000/hour and have an optimal work/life balance. I just heard someone say this should be called a life/life balance. Why is work not life? It should be relished and enjoyed and not be seen as drudgery. I also don’t believe $1000/hour is a goal for everyone. Remember:

Bigger isn’t Better
Bigger is Bigger
Better is Better


On Sunday morning, we will roll up our sleeves and create specific action item plans for you to be able to find your optimal volume, hours, schedule, patient mix, and staff that allow you to enjoy your life/life balance in spite of the fact that you practice inside a broken medical system that has all but abandoned you. That’s a true statement, but we don’t care because you being able to say “Mission Accomplished” on December 31, 2023 is totally up to you and you alone. What is "Mission Accomplished" you might ask? You will know yours before you leave the meeting.

That's My Goal for this Mastermind Meeting

Red Rock Resort

Are you in? Here’s some good news: The Mastermind registration fee is $2995 for non-members and $2395 for members but you can register now for $2495 (non-members) and $1895 for Top Practices members through New Year’s Eve Hawaii Time.  

Click here to sign up

Here’s the thing, if you want to come you need to sign up pretty much now. I can’t handle more than 20 practices in this meeting. When it fills up, it closes and I won’t be doing it again until 2024. So, if you’re coming and rolling up your sleeves with Peter, Tina, and I, lock it in now.

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Dedicated to your success,

PS: Significant others who also work with you in the practice can also attend for an additional $600. And if they don’t work with you but want to come, Red Rock is an outstanding place with so much to offer. Plus, they are invited to the hike and dinner at my place. Bring em! If they aren’t in the meeting there is no cost for them.

Don’t delay and have to wait until 2024. 


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