How You Can Work with Dr. Peter Wishnie


The Podiatry Practice Business SoluitonDr. Peter Wishnie is the author of The Podiatry Practice Business Solution and a business development and leadership coach. He has owned and operated a multiple seven-figure podiatry practice for over 30 consecutive years. Dr. Wishnie experienced many of the challenges that podiatrists faced in their first few years, including losing a lot of money, not being able to pay the bills and, not being able to keep his staff for more than one year. However, that went away once he learned the true secrets of running a successful virtually stress-free practice.

His goal when he works one-on-one with his colleagues is to share those secrets, tools, and strategies with other doctors so they can have the same thriving, virtually stress-free practice. Peter works directly and intensively with you to identify your obstacles and challenges and put in a plan to overcome them.

His coaching is based on three distinct pillars:

First: Putting in systems and protocols to get your practice running like a smooth well-oiled machine. You will learn your key performance indicators that you must have to make a weekly action plan. In essence, you will truly become the CEO of your organization.

Second: Your Mindset. You will learn certain hacks that you get you in a positive flow state where every day you come to work with great energy and a positive attitude. Most people do not realize how their thinking is affecting the daily running of their organization.

Third: Leadership. Peter is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach and it is through effective leadership that your organization will grow by leaps and bounds. If you want more time to do the things you love to do like taking great vacations and spending time with your friends and loved ones, then you need to become the best leader possible.

In his private coaching, Dr. Wishnie uses his Business Optimization Success System (The B.O.S.S. Method) as a multiple 7-figure accelerator formula.