This 9-session workshop begins on May 31 and continues through August 30. 

  • Each session has one or two weeks between sessions to give you time to complete the coursework and prepare to move to the next session. 
  • Each workshop builds on the work you’ve done in the previous sessions. It is essential, for you to get the most gain from this experience, that you stay current and do the work.  
  • Each workshop will be online on the date you see below. You will receive an email each time it is posted to remind you to check in.
  • Each session is composed of an approximately 20-minute audio recording that you can listen to and review at your convenience. You will be able to revisit each session throughout the entire workshop period. 
  • Each workshop will include simple documents you can use to complete your homework assignments. 


Introduction to the Business Development and Goal Setting Workshop: In this introductory session (the longest of all by far), Rem introduces the Business Development Workshop he led during the summer of 2017 in preparation for the Summit. In a review of this call, Rem felt he couldn't improve on this content so it is presented as recorded. The dates of the Summit and the location he discusses are not accurate. The Summit is in San Antonio, TX on September 13, 14, and 15. In this Mastermind Call, he focuses on the process and habit of doing your Business Development and Goal Setting in the summer. You can use this workshop at any time of the year but turning your summer into your business development and goal setting season can transform your ability to stay focused and on track while still enjoying your summer. The first session of the actual workshop begins with “Understanding Your Why” but listening to this longer recording will help you stay focused and on track as you build your practice through the Business Development and Goal Setting Workshop.

1.  Understanding your “Why?" What is the purpose of your career and what can keep you from losing focus and commitment for your cherished goals? – May 31

2. How to get organized and prioritized so that you can begin to execute on your goals - June 14

3.  Creating Smart Focused Goals that serve you and your family Part One - June 28

4.  Creating Smart Focused Goals that serve you and your family Part Two - July 12

5.  Understanding and implementing the vital tools you can use to keep you and your team communicating and on track in pursuit of your goals - July 26

6. Designing perfect execution plans that allow you and your team to get things done so that you hit your goals - August 9

7. Getting you ready for the Summit - August 23

8.  Using practice metrics as radar and making the necessary adjustments to stay on track to hit your goals - August 23

9. Ready for Take-Off: the Final Summit Preparation Checklist – August 30