A three-month course of 12-20 doctors that will meet twice a month on Wednesdays from 7:00 - 9:00 PM EST. The course will begin on January 27, 2021.


Transform your relationship with your associate(s) now as well as build your profits.

No relationship is more important to the success of your practice than that between you and your associate doctor(s). And no relationship can be as difficult to build and grow as that between you and your associate doctor(s). At the end of this course, you will know how to get your current associate (or an associate you plan to hire) to function and produce like a true owner of the company. In addition, you will review contracts and the possibilities of partnership agreements.

During this course we will cover the following main topics and more:

  • How to Hire the Perfect Associate
  • How to Train Your Associate
  • How to Get Your Associate to Buy-in to Your Company’s Philosophy
  • How to Get Your Associate to Produce Like an Owner
  • How to Know the Right Time to Make Your Associate a Partner
  • How to Get Your Associate to Lead the Staff When You Are Not Around
  • How to Get Your Associate to Understand Treating Patients is Only Part of the Job
  • How You and Your Associate Can Work Together and Make a Great Team


  • An additional introductory group session to discuss your office and your associate issues
  • Two 2-hour Zoom conference calls with other podiatrists in the group designed to help you achieve your biggest goals for your associates and the experiences the group is managing as they mentor their associate doctors
  • The first 20 minutes of every call will be on a specific topic related to associates and how you can help them become leaders, as well as you leading and mentoring them to achieve optimum success
  • You will learn how to effectively lead millennials for optimum contribution to your organization
  • There will be weekly accountability sessions via emails
  • Ability to message Dr. Wishnie via Voxer
  • “The Podiatry Practice Business Solution" by Dr. Peter Wishnie 
  • Podiatry Prosperity” by Rem Jackson 

Transform your relationship with your associate doctor(s) from frustrating to fulfilling - For Both of You! There is a myth that younger doctors don’t want ownership or responsibility and the financial rewards that come with hard work and ownership. Today’s young doctors are as prepared if not even more prepared than ever to build their futures and careers in private practice. The COVID-19 crisis has enhanced the attractiveness of the security of private practice not detracted from it. Take this opportunity to learn how to finally and forever solve this problem from a doctor who has successfully navigated these relationships and knows how to show you the way forward for you and for your associate(s).


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