The Top Practices Virtual Marketing Director Services are a fantastic resource for Top Practices Mastermind members who don’t have the time or knowledge to execute their internet marketing effectively. Whether or not you should use this service depends on what you need or want. Having an active internet presence is a necessity in today’s connected world. Maybe you know all about social media and have ideas about what you’d like to see on your website, but you and your staff don’t have the time to engage these platforms fully. Maybe you have e-mail and a website, but don’t know why you’d bother with Twitter or Google Local, much less know how to use them.

Whether you’re tech-savvy or tech-challenged, the VMD Services team can help you boost your internet marketing. This well-trained team stays on top of the ever-changing landscape of search engines, social media, review sites, websites, and how to make the most of them. They can help you set up and manage everything you’ll need for an active and successful presence on the web.

If you’re struggling with your internet marketing, need help getting started, or have to update your online “footprint,” let Lori Hibma ([email protected]) know. She’ll make sure your web presence is a successful one.

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