Video marketing is a big part of your content strategy—or at least, it should be! Video is an interactive media that allows watchers to absorb new information relatively quickly. Many people are more willing to watch a quick, 1-minute video that answers their questions than read through a whole webpage to find the information they want. Videos are also easy to share. Plenty of people are willing to pass along a quick clip in their social media, increasing your reach. Watching something keeps visitors on your website longer, too, which increases the odds that they’ll convert from a passing visitor to someone requesting more information, or even an appointment. Just as importantly, Google now indexes the media and uses it for your search rankings.

At Top Practices, we recognize the role that this media is playing in online marketing. That’s why our Virtual Marketing Director Services team is here to help you edit and produce your videos. If you aren’t already investing in this type of content creation, or would like help making your video marketing even better, contact Lori Hibma ([email protected]) for more information.

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