We can. Top Practices has a team of talented and sophisticated people who know how to market a podiatry practice, and we do it every day of the week.  We call them Virtual Marketing Directors – our doctors call them superstars.  No kidding!

It’s become exceedingly clear to everyone that internet based marketing is changing the rules of the game.  Everybody uses the internet – 9 year olds to 90 year olds, they are online and searching.

Shortly after beginning Top Practices, we knew that we needed to help our members get their marketing done. Doctors are busy and they don’t have time to become internet marketing experts.  But it can be very hard to find an individual with the skillset who understands how to promote and market a podiatry practice.  So we hired them and we trained them for you. They are rewriting the rules for our doctors and getting them found online.

This service is exclusively provided to members of our Top Practices Mastermind Group. We limit this service to our members, because while we believe the doctor doesn’t have to do the marketing work himself, or even know “how” to do it, they must know “why” to do it. And that is what the Top Practices Marketing and Management Mastermind Group teaches our doctors each and every month in an easy-to-use way to go about this.

Check it out.  Top Practices can do your marketing for you.  

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC