Over the years, YouTube has become one of the most-used search engines and social media platforms on the internet. People spend a significant amount of time watching and sharing videos online, and YouTube is by far and away the most commonly used platform. It’s easy to search and find things on the platform (if the content is optimized correctly). Just as importantly, YouTube is actually owned and operated by King Google. Google highly values YouTube videos, giving them priority in organic Google search results over other video platforms. Thus, if you’re using video marketing—and you should be—you should be putting it on YouTube as well as on your website.

Video is an increasingly important part of a well-rounded visual content strategy. After all, it’s estimated 80% of web visitors will watch a short video, while only 20% will read text. The content is easy to digest and easier to pass on to friends, increasing how many people your practice is able to reach. Just remember to make videos that your patients and potential patients will find interesting, not just you.

At Top Practices, we do know that most doctors how no idea how to post, much less optimize, a YouTube video. That is why we have a team that can help do this for you. If you have videos, or you’d like to make videos, and you need to establish your YouTube presence, our VMD Services team can help you. Just contact Lori Hibma by e-mailing [email protected] or calling us directly at (616) 931-1040.
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