If you’re not already using Google+ for your practice, you are missing a crucial part of your online marketing. Currently, the Google+ network is completely integrated into Google searches. This means that information about you on the social network, including profile details and content that you share, affect your Google rankings. Believe it or not, using the social network can help people find you in a normal online search more easily.

For example: when potential patients search for your office online, your Google+ profile appears in the results, displaying pictures, maps, and content you’ve recently shared. The blog posts, web content, videos, and photos that you post tend to be read and indexed by Google more quickly than if you just upload to your website, too. Also, if that content gets shared or +1’d by others, it’s considered more valuable and will rank higher in searches.

You also need to remember that real people in your community are on this social network and actually using it. These tend to be more technically-minded and business-savvy individuals. By posting regularly and entering into conversation with them, you are still reaching out to people who have health needs that you could meet.

Therefore, Google+ is an important part of your online footprint. If you’re not sure how to get started, let the Top Practices VMD Services team help you set up your profile and begin using it right away. Just call Lori Hibma at (616) 931-1040 for more information, or e-mail her at [email protected].

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