Top Practices Summit Workshops

Saturday, September 8th

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Extended Keynote

Register for Early Bird PricingCaptain David Marquet joins the Top Practices Summit on Saturday morning to share his philosophy of leadership, and then he will roll up his sleeves and engage attendees  in an interactive session. Rem is a fan of Captain Marquet and thrilled to have him lead the morning workshop with the Summit attendees.

David Marquet envisions a workplace where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work – a place where everyone is a leader.

2:15 PM – 3:00 PM 

Top Practices Roundtable I

Now seated at tables based on job descriptions, attendees will work together to share the very best ideas, problem solve, and learn from each other. This is an incredibly popular component of the Top Practices Summit. This will be only the first of multiple opportunities for attendees to mastermind at the summit and share their best work. This unprecedented opportunity happens only once a year – don’t miss it!

Roundtable Workshops



Sunday, September 9th

8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Age of Uncertainty

This one-of-a-kind workshop is designed to provide doctors who own their practices AND their associate doctors with a toolkit for working together and communicating like professionals, while running a highly-profitable and successful practice. It’s a business school course on how to be an effective CEO and executive in your practice. 

Professionals gather information, make decisions, and turn their people

loose to execute plans and implement their decisions. They do not focus on the minutia, they lead the strategy and when they do it well, they are abundantly rewarded.

This workshop will cover:

  • How to read, understand, and use your financials to make better decisions (just like the pros do)
  • How to communicate to patients effectively and increase acceptance of your treatment plans and services
  • How to use the “leader/leader approach” to unleash your staff and stop doing the work yourself
  • How to organize and train your staff to do significantly more work in less time and free you up so you can enjoy your nights and weekends more.
  • How to decide what to invest in and what to reject for your practice
  • How to know your marketing is getting done and working without doing it yourself
  • How data will ultimately drive the future of healthcare and what data you NEED to collect
  • How you and your staff can work together to get (and stay) ahead of what is coming so you can win

Attendees will be carefully seated at roundtables with other professionals like themselves and have time for discussion:

  • Doctors in solo doctor practices together
  • Owner doctors in multiple doctor practices together
  • Associate doctors in multiple doctor practices together

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8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

The Advanced, Interactive Top Practices Marketing Director Mastermind Workshop – A Workshop for Marketing Directors and Anyone in the Practice Engaged in Marketing

This workshop is designed for your practice marketers (full-time or part-time) and everyone in your practice who is interested and/or engaged (or wants to be engaged) in marketing your practice. Our best Top Practices Marketing Directors, Industry Experts, and Top Practices Virtual Marketing Directors all roll up their sleeves for the best marketing workshop we’ve ever held.

  • Information and Great IdeasLearn what appropriate practice marketing budgets look like and how to create them
  • Learn how to read (and use) your key practice numbers to improve your marketing
  • Discover how to launch and monitor high-quality online advertising like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads
  • Learn how to “sell your ideas”
  • Find out the best shoe-leather marketing tips and tactics (plus the top “leave behinds”) and how to open doors to referrals
  • How to know what are the most important things you need to be doing with your internet marketing
  • How to expand and improve your referrals from your referring sources, and how to track them
  • How to manage your practice’s database with ease
  • How to get the rest of your staff on board and supporting your efforts
  • Answers to all of your questions and much, much more.

8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Practice Management Workshop – A Workshop for Administrators, Managers, Billers, Staff Members

“How to Manage the Practice, Contribute to Success and Profitability, Lead Your Staff, and Leave Your Work at the Office”

If you feel overwhelmed with work… If you feel like you just can’t ever get caught up... If you feel like no one understands how truly difficult your job is...

This is THE workshop for you!

In this workshop, led by Tina Del Buono (and other excellent practice managers and administrators), you will tackle the big problems:

  • Tina DelBuonoHow to help (and manage) your doctors
  • How to get your staff aligned and performing at maximum levels
  • How end the drama and underperforming from some team members
  • How to solve your billing woes
  • How to help you doctors get their nights and weekends back (and thank you for it)
  • How to reduce errors and mistakes
  • How to end the scourge of emails and take back your schedule
  • How to know if your team has the right people on it
  • Receive tools that help you accomplish your goals…
  • And much, much more!

In this session, managers will be at roundtables with managers, billers will be seated with billers, staff members with other staff members, and there will be time for discussion and problem solving. This is your chance to learn exactly what you need to know to fix your practice management headaches.


2:15 PM – 2:55 PM

Roundtable Workshop

Top Practices Roundtable Part II

Attendees mastermind with each other (at specific tables) and share their best strategies, plans, and their contact information so they can continue to collaborate long after the conference ends.


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