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Top Practices

Professional Practice Marketing for Medical Practices

Top Practices is the business partner that top professionals turn to for guidance to achieve better results in marketing their businesses or private practices.  Please feel free to browse our website to find out more about our programs or services, then, if you would like, contact us to receive a free copies of our reports “Why Most Podiatry Marketing Doesn't Work" and "How to Stop Losing Referrals and Patient Reactivations", or select a service below to find out more about how Top Practices' creative and cost-efficient Marketing Program can help you.


Growing Your Podiatry Practice

Most podiatrists are completely frustrated with their current practice marketing because it’s expensive and doesn’t work, but they keep doing the same thing year after year because the same people (what we call the media vultures) keep stopping by to sell the same old media – yellow page ads, online directories, clipper ads, etc. The Top Practices Marketing Program can help you to break this cycle with an entirely new and focused method of podiatric practice marketing. Find out more about how you can save money while attracting exactly the kinds of patients you most want to see.
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Virtual Marketing Director Services

Helping you get it done! The Top Practices Virtual Marketing Directors will make sure that the things you need done are on time and done professionally.

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Podiatry Newsletter Program

Top Practices is now producing 100% custom, incredibly designed, patient newsletters that have one purpose in mind – getting everyone on your list to refer to you and come back to see you.  That’s all a great newsletter has to be able to do. And the podiatry specific Top Practices Patient Newsletter is 100% done for you.

Practice Management Institute

The Practice Management Institute is a program designed to enable you to get your practice organized, controlled, and prepared to accept ANY level of business because your level of practice management is so high. 

Marketing Database Management Services

Too many doctors take their internal or database marketing for granted. This, however, is one of the most effective venues for marketing a medical practice. Managing a book campaign, sending out a newsletter, and even just contacting large groups of current, inactive, and potential patients is all possible with a high-quality, fully-automated database system. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of establishing this system for you. Find out how our Marketing Database Management Services department can help you make the most of your marketing—without adding stress.

The Mindset of Successful Professionals

Successful doctors, lawyers, and business people all utilize a few key strategies that allow them to achieve at very high levels while making it look easy as they do it. This 16 CD set outlines exactly how they do it in great detail.
Recorded over 18 months, by Rem Jackson, CEO of Top Practices and Ben Glass, Attorney and CEO of Great Legal Marketing, this package contains an extensive and in-depth review of the key behaviors and attitudes that successful people all share. 

Copywriter's Workshop

Rem's Rules for Copywriting #1-10.  Learn the tips you need to know in order to write copy that gets results.

Top Practices Annual Marketing and Management Summit

This is your year. Your future is controlled by you and you alone, and the Top Practices' Summit is your chance to transform your practice. Join Rem Jackson, CEO and Founder of Top Practices, for the most intensive and practice-changing conference you'll go to this year. What do you want your practice to be like in the coming years?

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