The 11th Annual Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit

11th Annual Top Practices Summit

September 8, 9, & 10, 2017 at the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV

The Top Practices Summit is laser-focused this year on empowering you to Get Your Nights and Weekends Back, While Making Significantly More Profits. 

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Winners flock to other Winners and this year the Top Practices Summit is no exception. If you are, as many Top Practices are, coming off one of your best years in  practice, THIS is the business conference for medical offices you must attend this year.  And if last year wasn’t your best, this is the place for you too. 


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There is still going to be pressure. There are more challenges ahead. But luckily we can see them, and the smart ones among us will prepare for them and prosper greatly for it. You can be as successful in your chosen profession as you want to be if:

  1. You Market Your Practice Effectively and
  2. You Manage Your Practice Efficiently

This Year is an Exceptional Line-up of Speakers and Workshops


Age of Uncertainty

Dr. Blaine

Dave Frees

and much more!

Summit Curriculum

Secret Weapon

Rem Speaking at Summit

If your reception room is filled EVERY DAY with exactly the kind of patients you want to see, you can build your practice to be so profitable that you just won’t care what the government or insurance companies or hospitals do. 

There is no guesswork about what you can do to build a strong, profitable practice. We know the system. You will l

earn it at the Summit. If you are an Advanced Top Practices Member and Marketer – This is the year you must be at the conference because we will be showing you the top ideas working in Top Practice members’ offices around the globe. 

If you are a total beginner and are wondering if something like this could work in your practice despite the problems you are facing, then this meeting is for you. We start at the beginning and leave no one behind. 

Our Top Practices are growing 10%, 20%, 30%, and more. We don’t promise that it is simple. We never say it’s a “no-brainer.” But we do promise that if you work the plan with us, you will achieve the results you desire. 

Our goal is that you are Number One in your market. It takes time and commitment, but we can tell you it is so worth it. 

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You can spend all of your time upset that the whole thing is so unfair and truly, tragically flawed, or you can spend all of that energy doing what it takes to be successful in this new reality.

That choice is yours. 

There is no other vehicle for investment available to you that compares to your practice. The returns your practice should and will bring to you and your family are significantly greater than any other way to build equity and retirement income IF you are managing your practice efficiently and marketing it effectively. The Top Practices Summit is your opportunity to do exactly that. Please come to Las Vegas on September 8, 9, and 10. Join me, Captain David Marquet, our team of experts, and several hundred of your colleagues who are already succeeding and find your own plan for profits, reduced stress, and more fun. (Remember fun?)

Dedicated to your success, 

Rem Jackson and the Top Practices Team 


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