Frequently Asked Questions about the Top Practices Summit

Below are some initial questions many clients have when they first contact Top Practices. The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find the answers here, you should contact us for answers to questions specific to your case. The consultation is free.

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  • What makes the Top Practices Summit any different from other podiatry conferences?

    Of all the meetings you can attend this year,  the Top Practices Summit is definitely different. It’s a positive approach to building a successful and profitable practice in a challenging time. At Top Practices we know the Summit is unique and special, but we don’t want you to have to take our word for it—we’d rather you heard it from doctors like you.

    Dr. Richard Schorr and his partner, Dr. David Feder, attended the 2014 Top Practices Summit in Arlington Virginia looking for motivation to make changes in their practice. The Summit is, in Dr. Schorr’s words, “One of  only meetings that aren’t depressing.” It’s a different take on the issues facing podiatry today. As he said:

    “At a lot of podiatry meetings…it’s the same old lectures that you’ve heard twenty times. The same people talking about how poorly insurances are reimbursing and how they don’t have any free time. And when you go to the Top Practices [Summit], everybody is happy, and everybody is friendly, and everybody is upbeat, trying to look at the positive sides of practicing medicine instead of the negatives. So that’s why we liked that meeting so much.”

    These partners immediately started implementing things they learned at the Summit and joined the Mastermind group. Since then, they have seen a 30% increase in their practice overall. They have gone from having no marketing plan to building a new website and engaging marketing online in ways that is already producing results.

    The Top Practices Summit is practical and full of marketing and practice management tips and tools that really can help your practice grow. We’re glad to see how much it helps members like Dr. Schorr, Dr. Feder, and the hundreds of others who attend. If you’d like to know more about the Summit, contact us. You can e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679.

  • Is the Top Practices Summit worth it?

    There is only one real way to answer this question.  What do past attendees say about the Summit?

    If you’ve taken the time to read what your colleagues have to say about this conference, then you know it’s changing things for the better in dramatic ways for dozens and dozens of your fellow podiatrists.

    Several additional things to consider:

    1. It’s guaranteed.  Here is the Summit Guarantee:

    If at any time, during the Summit, you feel that you came to the wrong place or we are not addressing the issues we said we would, you may turn in your materials and receive a full refund of your seminar registration fee – no questions asked; no small print.

    1. The Top Practices Summit is designed to enable serious doctors who are ready to make the changes they need to make to get moving and executing.  It is not for everyone. True success doesn’t transfer by osmosis. You’ve got to want to get serious about positioning your practice and your career for success in the complex future facing all of us.
    2. If you are already doing well and consider yourself to be a good marketer, then the Summit is absolutely for you. Winners like to be around and learn from other winners.  You know that if you get just one or two great ideas that you can use it will be worth your time and investment.

    Is the Summit worth it?  Hundreds of podiatrists will tell you yes, but the real answer is, “Are you ready?”

  • What will I receive at the Summit?

    What will you receive at the Top Practices Summit? PATIENTS…period.

    Patients are the goal.  More importantly, you’re aiming for a reception room filled with exactly the kind of patients you want to see that day.  Happy Patients who refer to you and return to you.


    The only reason you market your practice is to build a practice filled with these patients.  The only reason you manage your practice well is to provide excellent service to these patients.  That way you heal them and turn them into raving fans of you and your staff, so they tell everyone about you.

    Patients.  There is no other reason for the Summit. 

    At the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit, you will experience two and a half days of workshops, expert presentations, and roundtables designed to enable you. That way you can grow your practice, love working in your practice, and profit abundantly from your practice.  Nothing else.

  • Can I bring my staff to the Summit?

    You not only CAN, you SHOULD! The practices that bring staff members always get more done when they return to their offices. This is because they don’t have to try to translate and transmit the great ideas and enthusiasm they just learned at the Top Practices Summit to people who have no context or clarity for it. It may be hard for your staff to make the changes you learned about at Summit on your own, but they would benefit from it so much if they just knew what to do.

    We have seen doctors come by themselves the first year to check it out, only to bring 1,2, or 12 staff members the next year because they understood the critical importance. 

    Here is what past attendees have to say:

    "The Top Practices Summit was very motivating! This was the best money I have spent in 10 years. This conference has provided us the roadmap we needed to go places we want to go with our practice. I finally feel liberated in that I can get back control of our practice and take the direction we want to take it." - Meeta Pancholi, DPM 

    "I leave with over 30 ideas to take back and implement." - Hans Blaakman, DPM

    "I leave with a renewed sense of commitment to achieve excellence and a plan to accomplish my goals I am motivated to make the changes necessary to convert my practice into a successful business." - Scott Shields, DPM

    So YES! Bring your staff so that you can guarantee your momentum stays strong when you leave the Summit. 

  • Why types of practices attend the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit?

    More than 150 podiatry practices attend the Top Practices Summit every year.  Here’s a partial list of the types of practices that attend the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit:

    • Solo or small podiatry practices that want to market effectively without breaking the bank.
    • Large podiatry practices with multiple doctors and locations that want to organize and systematize their marketing so that it is effective for all doctors and all offices.
    • Podiatry practices that are already successful in their marketing efforts and want to improve them.
    • Podiatry practices that are struggling with their marketing, patient numbers, and revenue. 
    • Members of Top Practices attend the Summit every year to stay on top of Internet changes (primarily because Google changes continuously) and because our practices are always raising the bar and improving how we market.
    • Podiatry practices that are not members of Top Practices attend to learn how to explode their growth and manage it.

    This is not a closed-door, members-only event—anyone who wants to learn is welcome. There is no other event like the Summit for helping you see how to solve your problems. 

  • What is the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit?

    The Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit is a two-and-a-half-day conference for podiatrists and their staff who are tired of being frustrated with the results they see in their practices.  It is focused entirely on building podiatry practices through excellent marketing and efficient management.

    The Summit is held once a year in the early fall, and roughly 250 doctors and staff attend.  Dozens of podiatrists who are succeeding in their management and marketing take the stage to open their files and show their colleagues how they were able to “defy the experts” and see significant growth in their patient numbers and profitability.

    If you are wondering any of the following, you will find the answers at the summit:

    • How to market a podiatry practice
    • How to manage a podiatry practice
    • How to improve my practice’s bottom line
    • How to use the Internet and social media to market my practice
    • How survive the Affordable Care Act


  • What is a Top Practice?

    Every practice owner has their own personal definition of what a top practice is, but here is what is at the core of every definition of a top practice: 

    "A professional practice that is managed and marketed using systems that serve the owners instead of the owners feeling like they are serving the practice."

    A top practice allows a doctor to practice medicine at the highest level because they aren't distracted by the constant needs of running the business. A top practice performs at such high levels automatically that the owner is able to focus their attention on their personal lives and achieve a significant and dramatic increase in their own happiness. A top practice enables its owners to live their lives according to their terms and theirs alone - no matter what.

    Podiatrists from all over the globe are having their breakthrough year. The reason is really rather simple. They were ready, and they decided to do something about it.

    Make this year your year. Mark your calendars for the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit to kick start your goals this year. 

  • What is the Top Practices Summit "Playbook"?

    The Top Practices Summit is a unique experience in a number of ways. One of the unique benefits of attending the Summit is that you and your staff leave with a clearly defined understanding of how to install the systems and protocols you will need to build and grow your practice. All of the materials from the conference are organized as a “Playbook” that contains implementable systems for you to take back with you. This Playbook is easily one of the most popular assets of the Summit. 

    On the last day of the Summit, Rem is joined by the top experts who will complete the step-by-step marketing and business development plan inside the Summit Playbook. If you leave the conference without an actionable plan to truly grow your practice and inoculate it from hospitals, competitors, insurance companies, Congress, and yourself, you haven’t been paying attention. Remember, it is impossible to make these changes instantaneously. There’s no “purple pill” or “silver bullet”, but there is a plan, and THIS IS IT.

    Don't miss your chance to join us for this exciting and innovative podiatry conference.

  • Is the Summit just for main practitioners?

    One of the many great things about the Top Practices Summit is that it’s a conference for everyone. Bringing your staff with you is guaranteed to make the next year much easier. You can’t do transform your practice by yourself and you need your team to work with you on this.

    Doctors who bring their key staff members with them to the Summit always experience the most gain afterward, because their staff already understands the plan, has bought into the plan, and knows their part in making the plan a reality.

    It is virtually impossible to bring back the attitude, knowledge, and motivation that are gained at the Summit and transfer it to your staff on your own. When you rkey people experience a conference filled with high performing peers, they are able to return to your practice and move forward quickly. Seriously consider bringing your key staff members to get the most out of this experience and to implement your plan for double-digit growth.

    Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit for Podiatry Practiecs