Tim Latshaw | Account Manager/Writer

Tim Latshaw

Tim Latshaw

  • Account Manager
  • Top Practices
  • 201 W. Washington, Suite #135 Zeeland, MI 49464
  • 616-931-1040

Tim came to us all the way from New York with a degree in English and a 6 year background in journalism. He is an Account Manager/Writer, splitting his time between writing content and making sure someone reads it!  His friends called him “Wiz” in high school, and it’s easy to see why. Tim tackles every assignment with organized precision, and loves the fact that his writing helps both our clients and their audiences.

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He also really, really, really enjoys video games, as well as running 5ks and geocaching when it’s warm. Although Tim doesn’t have pets, he does take great pride in the care he gives to his bamboo plant and bonsai tree.