Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some initial questions many clients have when they first contact Top Practices. The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find the answers here, you should contact us for answers to questions specific to your case. The consultation is free.

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  • Will Top Practices’ Marketing Ideas Work in a Down Economy?

    That’s a great question right now, because we are in a down economy. The fact of the matter is, it’s a wonderful opportunity to employ these kinds of educational, information based marketing ideas because in a down economy everyone else is hunkered down, everyone else is pulled back, and you virtually have the stage to yourself at this point in time. I tell everyone, if you’re in a down economy like we currently are, this is one of the best times to be out there marketing, making sure that you’re letting people know that you can help them solve their problems with their feet and their ankles. And I’ll tell you this, people in Top Practices are having, in the last few years, the best years of their practice in terms of growth. In terms of numbers of new patients, reactivations, and referrals. When you do everything, and you do it right, it simply doesn’t matter if there’s an up or down economy because people always need your help.

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  • Should I Be On Facebook?

    Should you be using facebook?

    People often say to me, “Do I need to be on Facebook? Isn’t that for kids? Isn’t that for really banal conversations that people have?” The answer is no way. Over 200 million people have joined Facebook in just the last few years and the majority of those people are women 35-65 years old, which is the group of people who make the primary decisions about healthcare for their families.

    If I said to you that for several thousand dollars you could get a software program that would help you build a large and focused referral network around your practice, you might say, “Well, great! Sign me up!”

    Well guess what, that’s Facebook, and it’s absolutely free. So get on Facebook today.

  • Is All Advertising Bad?

    No! Not all advertising is bad.

    In fact, there really is no kind of bad advertising, there’s just bad messages. That’s really where we fall down whenever we’re using any kind of media. I don’t care if you’re in the newspaper, I don’t care if you’re on television or radio. If you’ve got the right message, and that message needs to be focused on the problems, concerns, and worries that the people that you can help are having, not on your qualifications or your experience or education, or even your claim that at your office “we’ll treat you like a member of the family”.

    Because the truth of the matter is, people can only focus on their own problems and their own concerns, they really just don’t care about, nor can they evaluate, your qualifications. They’re really looking for solutions to their problems so if you advertise in any medium but you focus it correctly, you make the right offer, you capture that information that you get and then you begin to build your list, then anything that works is good.

    If you want to learn to start advertising your practice like a pro, connect with us and fill out a Mastermind application today.

  • How does Top Practices Work?

    I get asked this question a lot and the answer is simple: You become a member of the Top Practices Mastermind Group by filling out the application. When it is accepted, you’re in until you want to leave. No contracts, no minimum requirements, nothing.

    If you’re getting value, you stay. If you aren’t, you leave. Easy. Then you participate in our regularly scheduled phone calls or webinars that are very focused on marketing and business development. They’re scheduled far in advance and all calls are recorded and archived on the Top Practices website and the key calls are burned on a CD and shipped to you each month. So you never miss a meeting, regardless of your schedule.

    In addition, we have private consults with each practice each month, focused on their practice only. The Top Practices website is a treasure trove of resources available to you 24 hours a day, that will answer your every question you have about marketing your practice. Easy.

    Finally, Top Practices acts as an agency to our members. We have artists and production experts that will help you accomplish everything you need in developing the tools you’ll use to build and grow your practice. We leave nothing to chance and are with you every step of the way as you change your practice marketing into a successful program that builds your new patient numbers, builds your referrals, and your reactivations and recalls. Easy. Don’t wait to download a Mastermind application today.

  • Is the Internet All I Need?

    Is the internet all I need to market my practice?One of the common misconceptions that I hear that people have, after they’ve had a chance to hear me speak at an event, is that the marketing that I’m focused on at Top Practices is related specifically to the Internet. And that is simply not the case. The Internet is one of the most valuable, critical, and absolutely important vehicles that we use for marketing. It’s also one of the places where you can get the quickest gain and really build your practice fast. But it’s not the entire part of the foundation.

    In fact, there are four pillars to very good marketing. The first one is good quality, web-based marketing, because that happens to be where people are turning to first to look for answers to their medical and health questions.

    The second one is referral-based marketing – I like to call that shoe-leather marketing. That’s making sure that the relationships with the referring business around you are solid and really well constructed.

    Third, of course, is internal marketing. That’s making sure you stay connected to your database. Last is external marketing.

    So the answer is: No. Everything we do here at Top Practices is not focused on the Internet. But is surely is important. Look through the Mastermind Group application to learn more about marketing along the four pillars to grow your practice.