Copywriter’s Workshop: How to Write Copy that Produces Results

The ability to write marketing copy that actually works is an essential tool for every podiatry practice.

Podiatrists frequently ask these questions: “How do I write content for my website? How do I write good content that works for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes? Who can write that content for me?” Creating quality content is a vital part of your marketing, but doctors study medicine, not writing marketing copy. Producing good articles that actually benefit your practice then becomes a problem for your marketing strategy.

The number one purpose of marketing copy, no matter what industry, is to persuade people who need to take an action (like making an appointment to see their doctor) to actually take that action . Of course, good copy is always informative and sometimes entertaining, but that’s not why you write it. Your marketing copy is supposed to do something for your practice, and if it doesn’t do that one thing, then it’s a waste of time. Here’s the hard part: copywriting takes time and practice to do it well.

The real problem is that almost no one in your practice will have—or has ever been taught—the skills you need to produce successful marketing copy. The good news? It is a skill that can be learned. There are writing principles that, if you follow them, will transform your boring words into great copy that inspires people to take some action. This is the kind of copy that brings people to your practice to solve their foot and ankle problems.

A Resource to Teach You This Invaluable Skill

“How to Write Copy That Produces Results for Podiatry Practices” is a Workshop developed by copywriting expert Rem Jackson. This Copywriter’s Course is designed  teach you those oh-so-important copywriting skills you need to turn your ordinary articles into successful marketing copy. The course includes a book and CDs and delves deeply into Rem’s Rules for Copywriting:

Rem’s Rule #1 - Marketing copy is not supposed to entertain or inform—it is supposed to sell.

Rem’s Rule #2 - You should only sell people things that will help them solve their problems.

Rem’s Rule #3 - You have to KNOW your prospects just like you know your own family.

Rem’s Rule #4 - 
You Need to know your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Rem’s Rule #5 - Don’t skip rules 1,2,3, and 4.

Rem’s Rule #6 – “Enter the conversation that is already going on in the minds of the people you want to attract.” –Robert Collier

Rem’s Rule #7 - Nobody cares about you.

Rem’s Rule #8 – Who else says so besides you? 

Rem’s Rule #9 - You have to write copy that people will actually read.

Rem’s Rule #10 - Tell a story.

Plus, it contains directions, curriculum, and exercises to teach and enable you to write compelling, effective copy. You’ll cover both writing tips and podiatry industry-specific topics and concerns, such as:

Top Practices Copywriter's Workshop
  • How to write headlines that get the right people’s attention

  • How to get inside the head of your “Perfect Patient” and speak to them

  • A list of the Top Resources that professional copywriters use (including Rem)

  • How to write copy for Lasers, Heel Pain, Orthotics, and much more

  • How to get, write, and use testimonials

  • How to write effective calls to action

  • How to add urgency and use those great calls to action

  • How to organize and construct great, compelling copy

  • How to organize your selling points

  • How to finally get revenge on your high-school English teachers

  • What you should never, ever do when writing marketing copy

  • Who to focus on in your copywriting

  • Why “branding” is an outdated concept

  • How to write a great and compelling offer

  • What to offer

  • Examples, Exercises, and Answers


Get started right away and ensure your copy is interesting, compelling, and inspires people to take action.

All Top Practices Programs have a 100% Money Back, No Tears for 90 days Guarantee.

Rem Jackson
Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC