Lori Hibma | Director of Virtual Marketing Director Services

Lori Hibma

Lori Hibma

  • Executive Director of Virtual Marketing Director Services
  • Top Practices
  • 201 W. Washington Ave., Suite 135 Zeeland, MI 49464
  • 616 931 0924

Lori is responsible for too many things to list here, but our members know her best as that voice on the phone, or that email response that makes sure their marketing program is rolling along effectively.

More about Lori HibmaProfessional Experience

The Virtual Marketing Director Services have quickly grown, and continues to grow with Lori relentlessly providing clients with Internet  marketing expertise. From insight into all things web and more, Lori will pull out all the stops to help busy professionals build their businesses and presence online. A techy at heart, she takes great pride in our work and loves nothing more than to see it succeed.

More About Lori

When not in the office - Lori loves photography, along with golfing, cooking, traveling, and popping open a great bottle of wine. Most of all, Lori enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, kids, grandchild, and her three dogs.