Gwen Pionk | Design Specialist

Gwen Pionk

Gwen Pionk

  • Design Specialist
  • Top Practices
  • 201 W. Washington, Suite #135 Zeeland, MI 49464
  • 616-931-1040

From website graphics and company logos to business cards and social media designs, our Design Specialist, Gwen, creates a variety of visual presentations on a daily basis. She loves to design logos best of all.  Taking a client’s ideas and thoughts and creating a unique visual representation to shape their brand absolutely makes her day!

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Gwen has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and when she’s not designing at work, she’s drawing, painting, crafting, sewing, and crocheting at home. She’s not just artsy, though. Gwen loves to stay active and participate in sports—in the winter she regularly has a snowboard strapped to her feet, which makes ascending to her upstairs office kind of hard.