Cody Dykstra | Web & SEO Manager

Cody Dykstra

Cody Dykstra

  • Web Services Manager
  • Top Practices
  • 201 W. Washington, Suite #135 Zeeland, MI 49464
  • 616-931-1040

Meet Cody. He is our Web Services Manager. That means he helps with launching new websites, ensures they are operating efficiently, fixes problems that pop up, and is constantly thinking of ways to improve them. Cody’s favorite part of his job is solving strange errors that sometimes occur within websites. To suggest Cody loves technology would be an understatement—he created his first website at age 13!

More About Cody

Needless to say, he is a major gamer which is how he likes to spend most of his time outside of work, unless, of course, it’s football season. Then he puts down his controls to cheer on the Detroit Lions.