Planning for the Marketing and Management Summit



Pre-SummitEveryone should take advantage of their summer months and enjoy themselves, but smart practice owners and their staffs will also be working ON THEIR BUSINESS, not just IN THEIR                                                          BUSINESS this summer! 


Beginning in June, all registered Summit attendees will be enrolled in a Master’s Level Class designed to get you ready (TRULY READY) to become the successful (or even “more successful”) business owner you need to be. THIS HAS BECOME A HALLMARK OF TOP PRACTICES SUCCESS. It prepares you and your staff for the rest of 2018, 2019 and beyond. This is literally one of our secrets to success.  




This summer series will: 

  • Coach and guide you to get your goals written and organized for 2019 and beyond 
  • Show you how to get insight into your practice through better understanding its numbers 
  • Assess and be prepared to fix your practice marketing so it fills your reception rooms with patients you want 
  • Get you ready for the interactive “round-table“ sessions, now a hallmark of the Top Practices Summit 



This year attendees will come prepared to share the best (most effective) idea or strategy they’ve used to build and manage their practices. You will learn dozens of outstanding pearls of wisdom and ideas that will help you solve many of the challenges you are facing. The answers you need are at the Top Practices Summit in Arlington.


Bring Your Staff With You

Bring your staff and make the next year much easier. You can’t do this by yourself, you need your team to work with you to do this. Those doctors that bring their key staff members with them to the Summit always experience the most gain after, because their staff already understands the plan, has bought into the plan, and knows their part in making the plan a reality. 

It is virtually impossible to bring back the attitude, knowledge, and motivation that are gained at the Summit and transfer it to your staff. When your key people experience a conference filled with high performing peers (and at the Top Practices Summit—you will be side by side with many of the top performing practices in all of podiatry) they are able to return to your practice and move forward quickly. Seriously consider bringing your key staff members to get the most out of this experience and to implement your plan for double-digit growth.



The Official Top Practices Warning

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