Top Practices Summit Meeting Agenda

12th Annual Summit


Opening Session

Peter Wishnie

The Top Practices Summit opens with an information-packed, high-energy session led by Dr. Peter Wishnie and the most successful Top Practices doctors.  Don't believe the nay-sayers—the future of private practice in the United States has never been brighter. 

Everyone always wants to know how they can do better in their private practices. How they can earn more income but still be home and present with their families on their nights and weekends.  

The doctors of Top Practices have “Cracked the Code” and are doing exactly that. Experiencing double and triple digit growth in a year in new patients, revenues, and their personal income. If they can do it, so can you and this year the Summit will be opened by THE BEST OF THE BEST. Doctors just like you that can show you what they have accomplished and give you a key tactic they have used to make it happen. Your job will be to listen closely and return to your practice ready to implement the plans shared with you. It’s that simple. Be sure your travel plans make it possible for you to be in your seat and ready when the conference opens at 6 PM!


Summit Saturday Agenda

Break with Exhibitors

Marketing Your Practice in 2019 and Beyond, Part 1

Lunch and Networking Break

Marketer of the Year

The MOST POPULAR session every year is the “Marketer of the Year” presentations. Learn how practices like yours blew the doors off their marketing from start to finish and achieved their goals. Then, just follow in their footsteps and hit your own ball right out of the park. Three practices will compete for the coveted title of “Top Practices Marketer of the Year.” Every year EVERYONE is blown away by the outstanding presentations and leaves with pages filled with some of the best ideas they’ve ever heard. Attendees will vote and decide the winner for 2018.

                      Stop Guessing How Your Practice Is Performing and Start Steering It

Too many doctors are guessing how their practice is performing instead of knowing how to control and steer it. There is a simple reason for this: they don’t know how. It’s not rocket science, anyone can do this if they know the way. In this session, you will learn how to steer your practice, protect it from leaking money, or having it stolen, or just mismanaged. Get your hands on the wheel so you can steer. 




Marketing Your Practice in 2019 and Beyond, Part II

The Top Practices Marketing Program continues. Rem is joined by “in the trenches” marketers who will share their best ideas and biggest secrets.


Roundtable I


Networking Party




Summit Continues on Sunday

Getting Control

Knowing Your Practice Numbers

Knowledge is power. If you have knowledge and understand how to use it, you can gain significant leverage which makes it much easier for you to get the results you desire without getting frustrated and returning to old patterns you know well, but don’t work.

In this new workshop, you will learn exactly what numbers to review, how to find them, understand them, and use them to have much more control over your practice, your finances, and your future. This is how successful business people build profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable businesses. It’s time you do as well. 


Treatment Plan Acceptance

We spend good money to bring patients into our offices. Too often we fail to effectively communicate our treatment plans and the associated costs and the opportunity to truly help our patients and our ability to earn our optimal income are lost. This adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost revenue in a year’s time. In addition, if one doctor is doing well but others aren’t, the practice loses money every time those doctors see patients. It’s supremely frustrating even more so because it doesn’t’ have to be this way. There is a simple way to learn how to have your patients say “yes!” 10 out of 10 times, and in this session you will learn how to do it too. 




Special Presentation led by Dr. John Guiliana


The Advanced Marketing Workshop

marketing plan

In this session, Rem Jackson will guide you through understanding what a “perfect” marketing plan is. Additionally, you are asked to bring your biggest questions and you’ll “mastermind” with Rem and your fellow marketers to find the solutions you need. 


Digital Marketing

Nothing is as essential as your digital marketing plan for the success of your marketing efforts. Everything else will fail if this isn’t correctly done. In addition, online marketing has had two significant things happen in the last 24-36 months:

  • First, content marketing has always been the hallmark of good online marketing but now online marketing has become an IT (Information Technology) job as well. Meaning it requires study and expertise to ensure your online platforms are all working correctly. You need significant and on-going training and an expertise and focus on this part of online marketing to be successful and very few people can commit the time required to be an expert. So, you need a trusted partner to help you as you focus on content and programs.
  • There has been proliferation of companies who claim to be online marketers and claim to have expertise in podiatry (which is rarely the case.) Even companies who have been in podiatry for years have had major changes in ownership and have drastically reduced their effectiveness.

There is a scope and a sequence to great digital marketing and believe it or not, all of your online marketing across the many key platforms has a big effect on the whole. It’s complicated, but in this session, you will learn what a great digital marketing program must include and how it must be managed. Our own Top Practices Virtual Marketing Director Team manage dozens of digital marketing plans and they will show you how it’s done. And they will show you how to understand if it is working or not, and what to do with that key information. 


Practice Management Workshop


The number one challenge reported by medical offices in their management (or truly any company) is communication. Why does it seem to be so difficult to just talk to each other and get a positive result? It turns out that good communication is a skill and it is a skill that can be learned. It won’t solve every problem, but it will solve most and it will prevent even more. It’s complicated when that communication breakdown is with the owner(s) of the practice because so much authority sits with them and it can create havoc. Learn skills to enable you to better talk to each other and, in turn, talk to your employers and make everything else easier. 


High Performing Team

Your staff can either be a high performing team, an average performing team, or a poor performing team. Only the high performing team is acceptable. Everything else, wastes time and money, and mental energy. In this session, you will see clearly how you can evaluate how your current team is performing and learn how to take your staff to an even higher performing team. There are answers and you will leave from this session prepared to raise your team’s performance.


System Revealed

Management is both a science and an art. It’s an art because people are involved and we must learn to lead, engage, and inspire our people while equip them with the system and procedures they need to be successful. Winning in management requires both. For over three years, Top Practices has been teaching our practices how to accomplish this through our Virtual Practice Management Institute. Three years of laboratory testing and improvement based on decades of experience and testing. There is a system and, in this session, Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina Del Buono, the Mentors and Coaches of the Virtual Practice Management Institute will show you the entire system and equip you to return to your practice with tools you need to not just survive, but thrive. 







Attendees mastermind with each other, once again (at specific tables), and share their best strategies, plans, and their contact information so they can continue to collaborate long after the conference ends. 


Last Session

The Summit concludes with a final presentation on ensuring your ability to generate profits is ongoing and sustainable. The true keys to profitability are consistency and the systems that make it happen. 



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