Virtual Practice Management Institute

"Hi there, this is Rem Jackson. I am delighted to announce that Top Practices is working now with Collaborative Practice Solutions and Dr. John Guiliana in a new program that we call the Virtual Practice Management Institute. It’s designed to take the reporting and the data that Dr. Guiliana has compiled in his Collaborative Practice Solutions program, which he calls the Virtual Practice Optimization Analysis and Report. All of that data gives you an idea, a real roadmap, on what you’re doing well and what you could do better. Then, combined with our professional development program, the Practice Management Institute, led by Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina DelBuono, takes you where you need to go, shows you and your staff, actually mentoring, coaching, and guiding you so that you can accomplish everything to be as successful as you can possibly be in the new era that medicine is soon heading into. I’m delighted about this new program and I know you will be too."
Rem Jackson
Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC