Marketing Database Management Services

Your patients are your most valuable assets. They are the reason your practice exists. After all, if no one needed your help to fix their problems, you wouldn’t have a practice. People do need your help, however, and most doctors make the huge mistake of not marketing to them—especially the patients they already have. Database or internal marketing acknowledges the true value of patients and works to serve their needs in multiple ways, so they both return to your office and refer others to you.

Why You Need a Marketing Database

Database marketing is a necessary tool to help you manage and cultivate that growing list of people who know you, trust you, like you, would return to you, and will probably refer others to you. Why do you need this list? Here’s the hard truth, doctors: most of your patients, even the ones who really liked you, will entirely forget about you in a matter of months unless they have a reason to remember you.

Marketing to your list allows you to stay in touch with those people who have already been through your doors and established a relationship with you, or who have expressed interest in more information from you through your website. You have to invest in these relationships so they think of you the next time something goes wrong. The rest of your marketing efforts are meant to help you grow this list. Ignoring it is lost revenue.

This means regular marketing “touches” so you maintain contact with the people on your list. An automated database allows you to do this easily and effectively. What can make it even better is having an integrated team, like Top Practices and our partners in medical marketing, Foster Web Marketing.

What Marketing Database Management Services Can Do for You

Marketing Database Management Services

Marketing Database Management Services is a Top Practices’ members-only service that enables you to expertly market to your list while saving time and money. It allows you to automate your campaigns and keep your list organized, while helping to convert prospective patients into office visits and current patients into returning ones. It’s a way for you to effectively promote products, services, and events in your office without requiring you to take time and energy away from your patients and staff to do so.

Services Based on YOUR Needs

All medical offices have different needs and use their database in slightly different ways. We help you where you need it most. We always begin with set-up and can help you with your graphic design, management, and fulfillment.

Set up – Setting up your marketing database and getting your campaigns, e-blasts, and various lists together is a daunting task. Our expert staff makes sure you experience smooth sailing through the whole process, whether you're experienced in this field or “technologically challenged!” We’ll set up your account, scrub and import your contact lists so they are in order, install existing or new campaigns, and integrate everything with your website.

Graphic design – Beautifully branded e-mail templates, sign-up forms, landing pages for your website, letterhead, postcards, special event images, infographics, and more make your campaigns look professional. Our design team will help you pull all of this together to give your database a finished look.

Management – Your staff is busy, so throwing one more thing at them to manage can be overwhelming. We can do all your management for you, troubleshooting problems, monitoring your campaigns weekly, and backing up your contacts regularly. We will also help you update your contact lists, add new campaigns, and keep everything on track.

Fulfillment – Sending out physical materials like letters, CDs, postcards, and more takes time. Everything has to be printed, labeled accurately, and then mailed. We can take this off your staff’s plate. Our team can do all fulfillment for you, making sure it’s done correctly and sent out on time.

Together, this allows you to automate your e-blasts, personalize your direct mail (both physical and electronic), monitor and manage your campaigns with minimal time on your part, and keep your list of contacts up-to-date and organized.

Work with Your Current Website

Your database needs to be integrated with your website so you can make the most of your online marketing. We work closely with the CRM database program that’s built into all Foster Web Marketing websites, and our team will discuss your website and how it interacts with a marketing database in your initial call to make sure we provide exactly what your practice needs.

We Make Your Database Marketing Easier

You don’t have to jump blindly into the busy world of a marketing database. Let our Marketing Database Management Services team help you make the most of your internal marketing. Simply fill out the application, or contact Lori Hibma for more information about this program. You can reach her by calling (616) 931-1040 or by e-mailing [email protected]