Getting into the Details – A Practice Management Testimonial

There are many different facets to running a successful podiatry practice. You need to be able to connect with patients and maintain a smooth, well-run office with excellent staff in order to provide a high level of service. It's the day-to-day workings of this second thing—efficient practice management—that many podiatrists take for granted. And yet, top-notch practice management can take a podiatrist and his or her staff to the next level of success. It's why our Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI) exists.

We know that learning practice management skills makes a difference because of what we hear from our successful members, particularly those who are going through the VPMI program, such as Dr. Lance Greiff.

Practice Management Skills

Dr. Greiff has been in private practice for the last 25 years, and joined Top Practices a few years ago after hearing about it at an AAPPM meeting. As a solo practitioner, he was looking for support and camaraderie to help with the daunting aspects of modern medical practice. He found the positive focus and fraternal atmosphere he was seeking in the Mastermind group, and later added the VPMI program, led by Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina Del Buono, for practice management skills.

“There are so many components to running a successful practice. Rem focuses on marketing and engaging the patients.  Peter and Tina address the day-to-day practice management issues such as patient satisfaction, staff, efficiency, inventory control, leadership skills, etc.  We tackle each area one at a time to improve each of these components.”

This ability to work with an experienced coach to address these management challenges really helped Dr. Greiff to put all of the pieces of the practice management puzzle together.

“Taking an organized, thoughtful, step by step approach to tackling these issues is paramount.   Whether it's empowering your staff, engaging the patients, looking at the numbers, understanding the changes that we're facing, or introducing new technology into the office, each element plays an important role in delivering a high level of patient care.”

Learning efficient practice management and delving into the finer details can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it alone. You can get the expert guidance that you need, from coaches and advisers who understand podiatry. But you don't have to take our word for it - Dr. Greiff says it best:

“The best way to ensure a successful and thriving practice is to get into your practice. Top Practices, including the VPMI component, and all the facets that go into it, enable you to understand what it takes to get into your practice and make all the parts work together.”

If you're looking to take your practice to the next level in the coming year, improving your practice management may be just what you need. Contact Top Practices for more information about the Virtual Practice Management Institute, or to get started today! You can e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 626-2025.

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