A lot goes into building free book offers and their accompanying campaigns. The whole set-up and execution is a multi-step process to make sure that when you order a campaign, everything is ready to run for you. For this to happen, of course, that means a lot goes on behind the scenes to prepare everything. So you might be wondering: what happens when you order your new book? Here’s a quick peek inside the database side of the process.

Top Practices Book Campaigns

When you order a book, many steps get kicked off to ensure you have a high-quality product to provide for your slow-drip campaign. You’ll select your book and work closely with Top Practices to make edits and customize the whole thing for your unique practice, as well as prepare other materials that will be a part of your campaign (like an audio CD). At the same time, the Virtual Marketing Directors database marketing team gets your order form and starts working on your database.

 The database set-up process happens pretty quickly and painlessly for you, the doctor. Our team will need a few things from you, of course: your office logo, contact information and a preferred e-mail for responses, and the logins for your website. We’ll also need to know if you will be fulfilling the campaign’s snail-mail requirements, or you’d like us to do that step for you.

After that, set-up happens largely behind the scenes! The database marketing team takes a large document with all of the steps for the campaign you’ve chosen and customize them for your practice. Our design team uses your logo to create branded e-mail templates and set them up with all their content in your database. That way they will send out automatically when a potential patient reaches each step. We also set up your letters on letterhead (which you can either provide for us or have us print it onto regular paper) with mail-merge fields, so multiple potential patients’ contact information can be quickly and easily imported into the document.

Through everything our team keeps you informed about the process, how things are going, and anything else we might need from you to complete the campaign. We do all the work; you get to focus on caring for your patients and know that we will make sure your campaign is ready and running for you.

Plenty of Top Practices members have already gone through the book campaign set up process and agree that it is easy and simple—so you don’t have to take our word for it. If you’re at all interested in possible starting a book campaign, which is an excellent marketing tool to have in your arsenal, please contact us for more information! You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679 today.
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